Mining – Process Dust Control

Controlling process dust has long been a problem for most mining companies. Using water alone is costly and often creates more problems than it solves.

  • Reduction in dust emission
    (Improved Opacity readings)
  • Improved Industrial Hygiene for employees and
    surrounding community
    (respirable dust)
  • Reduction in process water usage
  • Reduction in O/M costs to conveyor
    belt rollers, scrappers, and idlers
  • Increase conveyor belt, scraper, roller, pulley life
  • Reduction in material carry back along conveyor belts
  • Reduction in plugged chutes and crushers
  • Increased production rates
At Freedom West we understand that success comes with understanding your ore properties, downstream process chemistry and water quality/quantity. Using our ASTM certified lab and engineering staff we will design the right palliative package and automated delivery system.

  Conveyor interchange, treated water being applied 3/4 of a mile up-stream. Material has traveled through 6 chutes before this chute...no dust or excessive water.
Eliminate dust from belt & stacker conveyors while enhancing ore recovery!

Learn more by downloading
the Process Dust Control data sheet.